How we work


Lighting study and design of the light beam

For us, research into the perfect illumination for each environment, is the first step in production of each new lamp – whether it is meant for a commissioned project or to enrich our catalog.. We ask ourselves what function the new object will have to fulfill, in which direction will the beam have to aim and spread, what intensity and power will be required.. Lenses and light fixtures are produced and adjusted until the desired result is obtained.



The exterior design of the lamp

After that, one passes to the study of the metal body that will encase the light beam. Even at this stage, the design must respond to precise technical needs, in the first place a proper heat dissipation. Thanks to this intelligent design our lamps often release more light than others of equal wattage: the LED technical possibilities are fully exploited. That is why our collections do not accord with the traditional division of “technical” or “decorative”: for our lamps, we want efficiency and aesthetics to be always perfectly aligned.



Advanced forms and refined finishes

Many LED lamps still reproduce a design typical of the previous incandescent lamps, even if technically there would be no reason to do so : a form of habit, or cultural vestige, which often accompanies the latest technologies. Our forms, instead, are born to be perfect. They are designed to best contain and operate the LED: for this is often required, with a small surface area in respect of high power lighting. The initial design of the outer body is modified several times to engineer the best lamp, adapting technique and aesthetics to each other – it is a parallel work that takes place between the technical study and the design, rich in exchanges and interactions. Due to its corporate structure, Puraluce can access a wide range of equipment that allows, in addition to ordinary galvanic treatments, other rare and precious finishing operations.



Prototyping and manufacturing

Prototyping is a sensitive stage for the success of the LED lamp because it allows one to test the final product, to control it, perhaps to improve it before passing to production. The results of this work can be seen by our online catalogue.